Member Benefits

ProMember Benefits

Welcome to ProMember Advantage!

We're thrilled to share that is completely free for food truck fans and owners. For food truck owners looking to take their business to new heights, our ProMembership offers a range of premium features designed to elevate your online presence and drive revenue.

As a ProMember, you enjoy a range of premium features designed to boost your visibility, enhance engagement, and supercharge your success. Here's why upgrading to ProMember is the key to unlocking unparalleled opportunities:

  • Premium Visibility: Stand out in search results, with ProMembers appearing first.
  • Enhanced Exposure: Receive 5 times the exposure compared to non-ProMembers.
  • Featured Home Page Display: Randomly showcase your profile on our dynamic home page.
  • Comprehensive Contact Info: Display your phone, email, website, and order online links on your listing page.
  • Insightful Dashboard Metrics: Track user interactions, clicks, and engagement with detailed analytics.
  • Distinctive ProMember Badge: Flaunt your commitment to excellence with a prestigious badge on your Truck Listing Page.
  • Exclusive Generic Opportunity Access: Receive generic leads 48 hours before non-ProMembers in your search radius.  This exclusive lead priority ensures you get an early advantage in connecting with potential clients, giving you a head start in securing valuable business prospects.
  • Streamlined Lead Generation Expertise: We've meticulously crafted an advanced lead generation tool more prominently placed for ProMembers. Your personalized lead form URL is intricately designed to efficiently collect vital information, empowering your decision-making process for potential opportunities. The 'Hire/Request This Truck' button on your listing page ensures a seamless connection with interested parties through its user-friendly interface. Experience the efficiency firsthand by exploring our sample lead form by clicking here.
  • Customized URL: Use as your dedicated website address for a streamlined online presence.
  • Branded Decals: Receive decals to proudly display on your food truck, showcasing your affiliation with our platform.

Upgrade to ProMember today and unlock a world of opportunities for your business. Maximize your potential, make a lasting impression, and stay steps ahead of the competition. Your journey to success starts here! The standard annual fee for ProMembership is $329. Click here to upgrade.

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